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Pulse Oximeter

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Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive and painless test that measures your oxygen saturation level, or the oxygen levels in your blood. It can rapidly detect even small changes in how efficiently oxygen is being carried to the extremities furthest from the heart, including the legs and the arms.

The pulse oximeter is a small, clip-like device that attaches to a body part, like fingers. It’s often used in a critical care setting like emergency rooms or hospitals. Some doctors, such as pulmonologists, may use it in office.

  • Easy-to-read two colour OLED display
  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatically power off in 8 seconds when there is no signal
  • Small in volume, light in weight and convenient to carry
  • Particularly suitable for persons with: Heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, bronchial asthma
  • Suitable for sports at high altitudes (e.g. mountaineering, skiing and aviation sports)

The purpose of pulse oximetry is to check how well your heart is pumping oxygen through your body.

It may be used to monitor the health of individuals with any type of condition that can affect blood oxygen levels, especially while they’re in the hospital. These conditions include:

There are a number of different common use cases for pulse oximetry, including:

  • to assess how well a new lung medication is working
  • to evaluate whether someone needs help breathing
  • to evaluate how helpful a ventilator is
  • to monitor oxygen levels during or after surgical procedures that require sedation
  • to determine how effective supplemental oxygen therapy is, especially when treatment is new
  • to assess someone’s ability to tolerate increased physical activity
  • to evaluate whether someone momentarily stops breathing while sleeping — like in cases of sleep apnea — during a sleep study


  • Type of protection against electric shock: Internally powered equipment
  • Degree of protection against electric shock: Type BF
  • Protection Against Ingress of Liquids: IP22 (protected against ingress of water when the water is dripping vertically and the monitor is tilted up to 15°
  • Mode of operation: Continuous
  • Expected Service Life: 5 years
  • Display Type: OLED display
  • Spo2:
    • Measurement range: 70% - 99%
    • Accuracy: ±2% on the stage of 70% - 99%, Unspecified (≤ 70%)
    • Resolution: ±1%
  • PR:
    • Measurement range: 30BPM - 240BPM
    • Accuracy: ±1BPM or ±1%
  • Working Power:
    • Power Supply: 2AAA 1.5V batteries
    • Power consumption: less than 30mA
    • Battery life: 2 AAA 1.5V alkaline battery can be used for 30 hours continuously;
    • Battery voltage: Low battery indicator appears before battery power is lowered to normal operation
  • Dimension: 60 mm x 35 mm x 35 mm
  • Environmental:
Operation Temperature 5°C - 40°C
Storage Temperature -10°C - 40°C
Operation Humidity 15% - 80%
Storage Humidity 15% - 80%
Air Pressure 70kpa - 106kpa


Maintenance and Preservation

  • Replace the batteries timely when low voltage lamp is on.
  • Clean the surface of fingertip oximeter before it is used to diagnose patients.
  • Remove the batteries inside if you will not operate the Oximeter for a long time.
  • It would be better to preserve the product in -10°C ~ 40°C (14°F - 104°F) and humidity is 10%-80%.
  • It is recommended that the product should be kept dry anytime. A wet ambience might affect its life time and even damage the product.
  • Please follow the law of the local government to deal with used batteries.

Product declaration

Guidance and manufacture's declaration-electromagnetic radiation for other EQUIPMENTS and SYSTEMS.

  • The Pulse Oximeter is designed to be used in specified electromagnetic environment.
  • Users of the Pulse Oximeter must use it in the following environments.
Radiation Test Compliance Electromagnetic environment-guidance
RF interference CISPR 11 Group 1 RF signal of Pulse Oximeter is simply created by its Internal function. Therefore, its RF interference is very Low and is not likely to cause any interference to nearby Electronic equipment.
RF interference CISPR 11 Class B The Pulse Oximeter applies to all establishments, including domestic establishments and those directly connected to the public low-voltage power supply network that supplies buildings used for domestic purposes.

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